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Buying Bamboo

A few words on buying bamboo for rodbuilding. Tonkin cane, tea stick bamboo, Arundinaria Amamabilis are different names for the same stuff, the material the best trout flyrods of the world are made of. This particular species of bamboo come from a pretty small area in southeastern China.


Still the best source for buying bamboo in the United States. For those who like to build things of the tallest grass of this planet. Even an interesting source for craftspeople, who live outside of the U.S., like myself (see note in the box).

Demarests website is also worth to be visited If you are interested in learning about the company, it's long history, and of course about tonkin bamboo itself. Besides tonkin bamboo Demarest also sells other kinds of bamboo as well.


Andy Royer is a guy from Vashon, Wahington who specialzed in importing bamboo specifically suitable for making fine split bamboo rods. Although I never bought bamboo from Andy, I will do so in the future. Since 1996 he has built quite a reputation among bamboo rodmakers.