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Bamboo Rodmaking--Why Bamboo?

A few words for the uninitiated on what is going on here. These pages deal with building fishing rods for a special technique of fishing with an artificial fly for trout, grayling, salmon, steelhead etc. But not just fishing rods, but hand crafted ones made of split tonkin cane.

Although space age materials such as carbon graphite are very popular for making fly rods there are still many fly fishers around who prefer fishing split bamboo fly rods for their special casting abilities and their beauty. And the number of bamboo lovers is increasing. 

To learn more about why so many folks love their bamboo fly rods, check out my articles section, as well as the other departments.

To me, a day on the river fishing for trout or grayling without a split bamboo fly rod is less than half the fun. Those who fish bamboo fly rods, too know what I am talking about.