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bamboo rodmakers on the net

Here you find a listing of bamboo rodbuilders, both professional rod companies and individuals, as well as amateurs who just love to split bamboo and make the finest flyrods money can buy.

If you are just looking for rodbuilder to contact about a rod or you are searching for a contact to learn more about bamboo rodbuilding in general, you can find something in here.

Maybe one of these days I will add myself to this list. :-) So far I am still making bamboo rods for my own pleasure, just because I love to go fishing with my own rods. Besides that Germany is not a very interesting place for selling custom made bamboo rods. Well, thats what I found out--maybe I am wrong.

A semi-professional bamboo rodbuilder from Delaware, U.S.A. I met John back in 1994 and tried a few rods he made. He builds among the finest flyrods I have seen so far. He makes 4 and 6-sided rods. Be sure to drop by his site! He currently organizes the upcoming rodbuilder's meeting at Corbett Lake.


Ever asked yourself what organic rodbuilding is? Take a look at Don's website. He is a semi-professional rodbuilder from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada and one of the two guys who started the famous Corbett Lake Rodbuilder's Meeting.

Apart from that he makes excellent split bamboo flyrodsdesigned from a very practical, no nonsense point of view, based on a backgground of more than three decades of flyfishing the Eastern Rockies. Furthermore Don is among the nicest fishing buddies I came across.


An old and very reputable rod company from Twin Bridges, Montana, U.S.A. who built their reputation on their bamboo flyrods. Today they make graphite and bamboo rods, furthermore they have a very nice web site.

Douglas Kulick's website, a professional rodbuilder from Fremont, California who makes both bamboo and graphite rods for both fresh and saltwater fishing.

Very interesting pages showing lots of nice gadgets for making bamboo flyrods. Also check out the article on how bamboo is prepared and treated for rodmaking in China.

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