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books on bamboo rodbuilding

Following a list of interesting, classic, or simply essential reading on the art of building bamboo fly rods. For convenienceI included web links to Amazon Books, as well as a link to their search engine to make it easier to get a book title you are interested in. Please feel free to let me know if you come across something I missed that should appear in this list. Thanks.

by E. Garrison and H. Carmichael

Although there are quite a number of new great books on the market now, this still is THE book on the subject. Many rodmakers, like myself learned bamboo rodbuilding from. It definitely is a must-have for every self respecting rodbuilder. Sometimes a bit hard to find, but always worth hunting for it.


compiled and edited by Ron Barch and Robert Mc Keon

A collection of articles, drawings, essays, and anecdotes by todays bamboo rodmakers from around the world (including a few of my own) taken from the famous bamboo rodmaking newsletter. Great job, Ron!


compiled and edited by Ron Barch and Robert Mc Keon

And the second collection of articles taken from bamboo rodmaking newsletter.

by Ray Gould

A great book by the experienced rodmaker from the west coast of the U.S. and a great addition to the rodmakers bookshelf because it deals with aspects of rodbuilding uncovered by other books on the subject.


by Kathy J. Scott, Ronald J. Barch (Editor), Michael Miling (Illustrator)

A personal view of bamboo rodbuilding of a rodmaker from the Eastern US. In journal style the author Kathy J. Scott tells the story of her husband's and her life in the woods of Main near the Appalachian trail, about flyfishing, the outdoors and building split bamboo rods.

A book that is hard to put down once you started reading it. It is not an instruction book on certain aspects of bamboo rodbuilding--it is simply a great document about a healthy outdoor and flyfishing/rodbuilding life.


A reprint of an old time classic book on bamboo rodmaking. George Parker Holden was the guy who gave Garrison instructions on how to work with bamboo and how to build bamboo flyrods.


by Jack Howell

A great new book on the subject, which is a good addition to the rodmaker's bookshelf. Well illustrated, it also offers a section on how to market bamboo flyrods.


by Claude M. Kreider

A reprint of an old time classic first published in 1952. The author mostly used simple hand tools to make his rods. Also covers five sided rod construction.


by Dick Spurr, Michael Sinclair

An interesting book on bamboo rodmaking history in Colorado. Conpanies like Granger, Phillipson and Wright & McGill are covered. Very interesting stuff for rodbuilders as well as collectors. Contains lots of facsimile prints of old brochures.


by Stuart Kirkfield, Gerald J. Mullen (Editor)

A nice book on how to restore old bamboo flyrods and maintain the rods value, a very important aspect when renovating an old classic. This book also includes lots of useful information for building rods from scratch.


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