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Happy Hour

14 photographs by Frank Neunemann

A small photo project that I turned into an A4 size folio again, pigment ink-jet printed on Hahnemühle PhotoRag Baryta glossy paper (305 grams / m2), including a cover sheet with a few thoughts about the project. To keep the prints together as a unit I made a folded folio cover out of dark brown heavy art paper (300 grams / m2) similar to the ones you can see in folios #1 to #3.

Translation of the cover sheet text (from German):

"Happy Hour", a nice custom I brought home to Germany from the new world back in 1992. At about 5:00 pm its time to sit down together and serve oneself a more or less alcoholic drink and have a conversation looking forward to the upcoming dinner. A matter of unhurried comfortableness, of relaxing from the workday, of maintaining social contacts. This is how I got to know it. It was and is to a certain extent a tradition in my family to adopt foreign customs, habits, cooking recipes etc.

During the last few years, I have also added various drinks that were foreign to me in the past, such as the Single Malt Scotch Whisky, which I was introduced to back in 1993 in British Columbia, Canada by a true Scotsman. Or the Aperol Spritz from Italy, which I knew but didn't care about much until I got to know and appreciate it again in 2015 during my first stay in Venice.

At the beginning of 2019 I bought a particularly fast 35mm lens and a set of extension rings for my camera and, while "playing around" with it, over a glass of wine at the kitchen table at home in the late afternoon, I realized that I somehow liked it's special visual language. So I tried this and that arrangement again and again, sometimes with higher magnification, sometimes with different focal lengths, but always with fast lenses at full aperture, to find other angles of view.

After a while the title of this picture collection crystallized, because the pictures were taken at this time of day. Most of them at the kitchen table at home, some on the way. I was mainly fascinated by the sharpness / blurriness of the play of light in the glass and in the liquids contained in it.

Sheets of Folio #6


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