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classic car details

Boys being boys seem to love cars, period. Especially old classic ones. I am no exception to that. It is kindof amazing to me not having any trouble remembering certain details of dream cars of my childhood, like the good old Jaguar E Type with it's endlessly long hood, the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray of 1967 and a number of other big American road cruisers, plus other European sports cars like Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Facel Vega to name a few from the 50s and 60s of the last century.

One evening in March 2009 I had the great opportunity to take photos of a car collection in Berlin, Germany--thanks to my niece, also an avid photographer, who told me about it. She was attending a photo club class on that location and I joined in.

She told me that it is hard to understand for "women" why "men" are going nuts when entering such an place with 100+ classic cars. ;-) Hmm, maybe it is the smell of cars--tires, leather, grease, oil, gasoline, hints of exhaust fumes, glossy paintwork, shiny chrome, high-tech of the past, car brands long gone but not forgotten and the wonderful streamline designs of yore...

Anyway, I went (slightly) nuts and entered kind of a trance being among all these treasures. After an intense shooting bout of 3 1/2 hours I finally ended up in front of a pint of beer in the bar attached to the exposition grounds, wiped out and happy. The following morning I had a tendonitis in my right elbow from juggling my camera, lenses and tripod.

All photos were taken with a Canon EOS SLR camera and Canon lenses (17-40mm f4 and a 24-105mm f4 zoom lenses) plus a Lensbaby 3G lens, 50mm f2.

Sorry, no shots of entire cars. Too many cars in the exposition, and not enough room in there. And--I was interested in details.


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