Exhibition prints at Sankelmark Academy, Germany, 2015

From July 17 to September 30, 2015 three photographers, Harald Feick, Peter Grün and Frank Neunemann (myself) had the opportunity to exhibit some of our work in an exhibition at "Akademie Sankelmark", just south of the city of Flensburg, in the "far north" of Germany.

The Exhibition was named "Stadtgespräche" ("City Talk") and was organized and curated by Heinz Teufel, a well known photographer living in Eckernförde. The exhibition is over now, so I thought that I might extend it a little bit on my website.

I don't have access to the other 2 photographer's work, so here you see my 16 prints I was allowed to unleash at the unwary public. :-)


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printed on  18.06.2024

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