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sanssouci palace - Potsdam

Here you find 36 photographs of Sanssouci Palace that I took in September 2009 during a stay in Berlin. Sanssouci Palace is located south-west of the city of Berlin, Germany.

There is lots to say about the location, in fact it is a pretty touristy spot. To learn more about the palace and other sights close by, check out the website of the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation of Berlin-Brandenburg. Or even better, get more information at Wikipedia's page about Sanssouci Palace.

Sanssouci (french for "without sorrow") is among the most famous palaces in Germany, built for the Prussian emperor Frederick the Great. Huge gardens surround the main buildings (the palace, Orangerie), with smaller buildings strewn in between, even a windmill is there.

As there were already thousands of photos taken of the front side of the palace with it's signature grape vine terraces, I did not really feel the urge to add to that, but instead I concentrated on the details and lesser crowded spots.

When visiting a place like this I feel a special kind of atmosphere from the old days of rococo and baroque eras. The statues, figurines, embellishments on the buildings and all that reflect the phantasies of the old times of people like Frederick the Great, Napoleon as well as the common people who lived with them at that time. Many traces are still visible... A closer look at the bronze or marble statues reveal dark, sometimes bizarre phantasies of a world that does not exist anymore.


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