books on bamboo in general

The following titles cover mostly not-only-rodbuiding aspects of bamboo, where bamboo comes from, the various species on this planet, their uses and so on.

the angler's bamboo

by Luis Marden

The classic bamboo is the angler's and collector's treasure, and this book is the first definitive treatment of this rod's basic component - Tonkin cane. Tracing the history of the split bamboo fishing rod from its beginnings in England at the end of the eighteenth century to the work of master craftsman Hiram Leonard, who founded a school and made the American fly rod world-famous, he includes photographs of the growing conditions along the Sui River in the heart of the Tonkin country.

A very interesting book with a lot of information about where the best fly rod material comes from. A must have for bamboo lovers.

the book of bamboo: a comprehensive guide to this remarkable plant, its uses, and its history

by David Farelly

Did you know that bamboo can be the raw material for acupuncture needles, beer, ships, aeroplanes, bicycles, paper, houses, aphrodisiac, kites, musical instruments, sandals and hundreds of other things? Have a look at this book and find out more about it. Interesting and entertaining as well.

the bamboos

by F. A. McClure, Richard Haubrich, Lynn Clark

The old classic book on the botanical aspects of bamboo. The most in depth work written on the subject.

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